Adroit Holdings consists of a group of associated companies with interests in Aerospace Engineering, niche engineering brands (spearheaded by Brauer the UK market leader for clamps and wheels) and property acquisition, development and management.

Through its association with the Adroit consultation companies, management advice, company turnaround assistance and project management is undertaken for a small select client base.

The company has design, development, manufacturing facilities and offices based in Luton, Milton Keynes and Surrey.

The holding company continues to encourage organic growth and acquisition opportunities which critically must add value to our already extensive customer base.

The companies currently export to 45 countries worldwide serving a vast cross section of industries from renewable energy to automotive to aerospace to construction amongst many others.

The core values of the group are to put the customer at the very heart of all it's operating businesses. It is this focus that has enabled the company to grow and thrive over the past two decades.

This would not be possible without the full attention and co-operation of the companies vital and most important asset - it's people. Adroit Holdings as a company never forgets these critical elements of its success, it's customers and people in co-partnership, co-existence and co-prosperity.

The company handbook 'MBA In Action' is embedded into the culture and spirit of the senior management and operating principles of the company.


  • For all enquires, please contact us using the Brauer postal address:
  • c/o Brauer - Adroit Holdings
    Dawson Road, Mount Farm Estate
    Milton Keynes MK1 1JP