Brauer was established in 1926 and has since been designing, developing, and manufacturing the very best in high quality Industrial Wheels, Castors, Toggle Clamps and Air vacuum amplifiers.

The brand is synonymous with very high loadings, high quality, and long life. Brauer products are used to transfer, transport, convey, secure and support many of the world's best known companies products.

Brauer products are found all around the world in projects as diverse as: Ship transfer systems in Dubai. Road, rail and bridge systems in China. Automotive production systems in South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Sweden, Poland, France, Italy, Germany and the USA, to mention just a few.

We have an established network of more than 45 distribution partners operating in all the major countries around the globe making Brauer the brand of choice and the sector leader.

Brauer products are known as: 'Durable by Design' which is born out of our software utilisation for:

  • 3 dimensional parametric solid modelling.
  • FEA analysis modelling.
  • Rolling road load testing.
  • Multi-format 3D CAD modelling.

We can provide 'off the shelf' or unique customer led‚ 'bespoke', Wheel, Toggle Clamp or Vacuum transfer unit solutions.

Brauer products are designed, developed and manufactured from custom built manufacturing facilities in Milton Keynes. It is this control of manufacturing quality 'in-house' that has enabled Brauer to build on it's worldwide reputation for quality and longevity of its product capabilities. The orange grip on all Brauer clamps has remained one of its founding trademarks for over 80 years.